”So many surfers visit the North Shore during the holiday season.  When you live on the North Shore, you feel as if you are on vacation with your loved ones every day since it is so easy to roll out of bed, grab a surfboard and ride the most beautiful surf breaks in the world!”

- H.Brown

In this surf art, a girl admires the surf from the shore while a guy catches a barrel in the water. Red and green tropical leaves compliment the girl's red surfboard and the guy's swim trunks. 

Matted print by North Shore Oahu Surf Artist Heather Brown. This print comes with an embossed mat and is created on recycled and sustainable sugarcane paper. It includes a brief biography of the artist attached to the back.


Tropical Hawaii artist Heather Brown has gained a worldwide reputation for her unique style and depictions of idealistic Hawaiian landscapes including sandy beaches, epic waves, figurative surfers, and exotic tropical flowers.

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