”Logging is a surf term meaning to ride heavy glassed, single fin classic styled longboards. I love watching people ride these classic lines in Waikiki as it conjures the memories of the old surfing pictures I would see as a young kid.”

- H.Brown

"Waikiki Logging" combines the best elements of Heather Brown's surf art: tanned surfers, the perfect blue Hawaii waves, and the lush Hawaiian landscape in the background.

Matted print by North Shore Oahu Surf Artist Heather Brown. This print comes with an embossed mat and is created on recycled and sustainable sugarcane paper. It includes a brief biography of the artist attached to the back and is available in 3 sizes.

To accompany your print, we have a selection of hand-crafted frames available in a variety of colors to suit your decorating needs. We strive to use as much re-purposed and recycled wood as possible in the building of our frames.

Tropical Hawaii artist Heather Brown has gained a worldwide reputation for her unique style and depictions of idealistic Hawaiian landscapes including sandy beaches, epic waves, figurative surfers, and exotic tropical flowers.

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