ターコイズ ノーティラス リング

This unique and stunning Turquoise ring is made from hand carved Nautilus Sea Shell. The shell has been polished with love to reveal the inner chambers, then highlighted with Turquoise resin, mother of pearl and set in 925 sterling silver with adjustable ring setting.

Nautilus Shell-Embodies the element of water and intern enhances these living qualities such as cleansing, purification, and healing. Known for deflecting negative energies, the Nautilus purifies the surrounding space and attracts love & prosperity.

What is this? Nautilus Shell is a living fossil that has survived in the Earths oceans for over 500 million years. Before the shell parted ways from its owner it was once the protective home to a distant cousin of the Octopus & Cuttlefish, a Cephalpod. The Nautilus shell is the emblem of beauty and proportional perfection and an example of Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio of (Phi).

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